Two girls, one guy, a parking lot and a car that says ‘crazy white boys’ it’s a recipe for disaster…

It it acceptable to hit a woman? Well, there are many ways to answer that question. In your average nuclear family, domestic violence regardless of gender is frowned upon. But that’s not the only place this kind of thing happens.


Also, if there’s one thing we have learned from the internet, it’s that women can be equally as savage, if not more ruthless than men. We’ve seen plenty of hood rat women beating on men, sometimes with success, but quite often the men fight back.

Unlike the picture featuring Rousey above, real life fights are often very much more messy, such as the subject of today’s article. Watch this dude face two women in a wild parking lot brawl:

[flowplayer id=”2929″]

Well, that didn’t turn out too well for the couple of broads attempting to take on this crazy guy, but what about this same situation on a bus…


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