Jorge Masvidal wants to make a lot of money and he wants it now. Who can blame him? He’s 36 years old with just a few big fights left in his career. ‘Gamebred’ wanted Conor Mcgregor but that fight looks unlikely now that the latter realizes what he’s dealing with.

However, a clash with Kamaru Usman is looking increasingly likely. The welterweight champion’s style makes him hard to love. But Masvidal is ready to fight for the title now while the iron is hot. It could burst his bubble but that’s a chance he has to take. If he beats Usman, then a fight with McGregor could materialize.

Masvidal is pragmatic about the situation. He’s ready to fight whoever comes his way. Furthermore, he believes that he’ll see McGregor further down the line.

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Not Ready

On a recent episode of ESPN’s Le Batard and Friends STUpodity podcast, he made his feelings clear. In sum, he doesn’t think McGregor wants the fight. At least not yet.

“He’s talking a lot of s**t. He doesn’t want this,” Masvidal said. “He could have cut the sickest promo of his life and had everyone talking about it.We kind of understand where he’s going. There are certain things he said on the microphone like he doesn’t feel he’s up to speed and needs to work on this or that. I get it, man. Go back in there, there’s no rush.

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With this in mind, he’s ready to move onto a title fight. However, Masvidal also has respect for how McGregor looked at 170lbs. But he thinks his power will be too much for him.

“When you feel you’re ready for it, let’s do it. I’ll go f**k up Usman, meanwhile. He looked good and a considerable size from before … a lot of the stuff he’s always done he’s really good at.

“He brings great speed to this weight class… and there’s some elements that I bring that he’s never in his [expletive] life experiences. Like the sheer power that I have and explosion. If I explode in his face, it’s game over, man. He’s never felt power like this in his whole life. The biggest fight in combat sports to make is that fight. Conor’s been out for a while, he’s up another weight class … let the guy get his groove. I’ll still be winning, then he’ll be knocking on my door.”

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However, Owen Roddy disagrees. Roddy told Ariel Helwani that his power at welterweight is frightening. But only time will tell if Mcgregor can hang with the big boys. Usman is like a bigger Khabib. Does McGregor really want to play with that type of fighter? We don’t think so.

“People were questioning can he carry that weight and that power up into that 170 weight class,” Roddy said. “But I’ve never seen him so ferocious in there. The shots he was throwing when Cerrone hit the ground were ferocious. You know what, not many people on this Earth can take those shots.

“I think he’s got lots of options. It’s always Conor’s choice. Whoever motivates Conor the most is the fight he will take place.”

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