Conor McGregor does what he wants. No other fighter in UFC history has had the same amount of control over their destinies as the Irish fighter. He is the sport’s one true superstar and because of that, he can make demands that other athletes can only dream of.

Right now everybody is wondering what he’ll do next. Will he fight Khabib Nurmagamedov or Jorge Masvidal? Is a trilogy with Nate Diaz on the cards? There are many options out there for the Irishman. But he’s going to earn himself and the UFC millions. Only Canelo Alvarez is more lucrative right now than McGregor.

One potential option is a move to boxing. McGregor said that he wants to win a boxing title before he retires. With Zuffa boxing ready to emerge, could that be his next move? In short, the Irishman’s manager said that he’s more than ready to make the move into boxing fulltime.

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Audie Attar is one of the leading managers in MMA today. McGregor has worked with Attar since before the UFC. He spoke for his client and confirmed that he’s ready to step into boxing. McGregor has been linked to a rematch with Floyd Mayweather as well as a potential match-up with Manny Pacquiao.

“He’s serious about boxing,” Attar said. “He said it. That’s something that I can tell you, if he says something he has interest in, it’s likely going to happen.”

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Attar says that the fans will decide what happens. If there’s enough interest in a boxing match then that will take priority over MMA. However, in reality, money talks. We all know that boxing pays more than MMA as McGregor’s bank account found out. He’ll fight whoever pays the most and who can blame him?

“We definitely monitor everything,” Attar said. “We monitor not only fan engagement and interest from the public, but then you look at who’s out there talking what. Because it could be where we have a few different options to weigh and decide on. At the end of the day, I saw Floyd, I saw Manny and now Bob Arum, who at one point said, ‘It’s not a smart idea to crossover.’ He’s a believer now as well.”

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If McGregor stays in the UFC then he also has options. Will he continue at welterweight or is a move back down to 155lbs on the cards? Only time will tell. One thing that’s for sure is that any match-up will be on his terms. However, his striking coach Owen Roddy is convinced that he’ll be competitive at 170lbs. It’s worth mentioning that neither Cerrone or Nate Diaz are natural 170lbers.

“People were questioning can he carry that weight and that power up into that 170 weight class,” Roddy said. “But I’ve never seen him so ferocious in there. The shots he was throwing when Cerrone hit the ground were ferocious. You know what, not many people on this Earth can take those shots.

“I think he’s got lots of options. It’s always Conor’s choice. Whoever motivates Conor the most is the fight he will take place.”

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