UFC Heavyweight contender, Travis Browne talks openly during the UFC 200 media lunch in California. Opening up about many of the issues which have seen him make headlines for his life outside the cage, ‘Hapa’ gets worked up.

In an emotional video released by MMAFighting.com Travis Browne opens up about the domestic abuse allegations that saw him suspended from the UFC during the summer of last year. Browne came close to tears in the interview when discussing the issue and how it affected his life. 

“I’m a 6’7″ 250lbs man, I have two little boys at home. if i did the things i was accused of, do you want those two boys being raised by me?”

‘Hapa’ was clearly upset by the media’s part in the whole debacle, as he criticized them for letting him down. Normally very reserved and quiet, it was refreshing to see Browne open up.

When asked about his relationship with Ronda Rousey, Browne kept his cards a little closer to his chest, again indicting the media for their coverage of how their relationship begun. It appears as though the Hawaiian is looking to begin a new chapter at UFC 200 and get his name in the headlines for all the right reasons…

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