There’s just something so alluring about the fight game. It’s almost like a primal desire to see pain. Or at least, that’s the only way we can explain a couple of things. Like this crazy, no rules fist fight that took place inside what seems to be a martial arts gym of some sort.

When two guys who aren’t professionally trained start to wail at each other, it’s a dangerous thing. The way they just swing for the fences hoping to land a big punch, it’s hazardous. But that won’t stop them from throwing down, because let’s face it, everyone loves a good scrap.

INSANE ACTION | Looks like a regular day at the gym. Turns out, it wasn’t.

Not an amateur fight. Not even semi-pro

In this viral video that’s making rounds on the internet, two men seemingly from the same gym start to go at it. However, the fight doesn’t seem to have any regulation whatsoever, aside from the referee. In fact, the “ring” is just a small portion of the gym with no boundaries apart from a few white lines on the floor.

Nevertheless, the two “fighters” went to war. The gym, it appears, is the mastermind behind all this as there are spectators in the midst. The two guys seemed to be into it, and what ensued was a pretty entertaining scrap.

It certainly wasn’t an amateur contest. Nor was it a semi-professional. Although if you took a glance at this throwdown, the two individuals could actually pass for legit MMA fighters. If not for the fact that they don’t exactly know how to fight.

Check out the insane video clip here

Sometimes however, when two guys who don’t know how to fight go at it, epic clashes are produced. Still, you could argue this was pretty dangerous. After all, there was no headgear, no shin guards, no heavy gloves.

Give them an ‘A’ for effort though, they performed pretty well given the circumstances. And to give credit where credit is due, there was actually a referee to keep things from getting out of hand. Still, there’s no denying that it was the kind of fight where fighters just put their heads down and start swinging.

Which should come as a shock as to how this fight finished. After a healthy dose of wild, caution-to-the-wind sort of punches, one of the guys grabs onto a guillotine. Big mistake. His opponent actually had the balls to go for an emphatic slam.

WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN | MMA fighter goes for emphatic slam on opponent, dropping him on his head in an instant knockout. Photo: Screen grab from Youtube video

What an insane finish

After one guy gets dropped on his head, it’s clear the fight is over. Thankfully, the referee is right there to put an end to things as it could have gotten pretty bad if he wasn’t. Wonder how much these two guys got paid.

Regardless of how this fight started or ended however, it will go down in infamy as one of those entertaining fight videos you see on the web. Simply amazing.

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