Robert Whittaker just proved once again why he deserves to fight for the title and a rematch with Israel Adesanya. No other contender has a better say to fight for the title, heck he was already the front-liner even before this fight.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Just shows how savage Whittaker is, by risking his title chance and fighting Kelvin Gastelum (it was supposed to be Paulo Costa). Whittaker also said he owed it to Gastelum since he pulled out in their first supposed fight.

In the fight, Whittaker showed why he is an elite. He fought smart, landing great combos where he just aimed to win the round rather than finish a tough and durable Gastelum. Whittaker’s quickness and range was just too much for Gastelum that he could not land that counter strike.

What is next for Whittaker? Obviously a title fight with Adesanya. Even though their fight was one-sided where Whittaker was knocked out twice in the fight, Whittaker has shown that he is still the best fighter outside Adesanya.

Whittaker also learned a lot from their first fight, he had a terrible gameplan in the fight. He used the same gameplan that Gastelum used since Gastelum had great success. Whittaker should just fight his own style where he mixes up his striking and wrestling more.

As for Gastelum, he could choose to move down to welterweight. He may still be a top 5 welterweight if he could just make weight. His discipline in making weight is his biggest issue but if he truly wants to win a title, going down would be a great benefit for his career.

Don’t count Whittaker out in the rematch, every fight is different and Adesanya is coming off his first career loss. Blachowicz made a blue print on how to beat Adesayna, is Whittaker able to follow Blachowicz’s gameplan or he needs to find his own way of winning the fight?

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