Youtube sensation certainly delivered, as Jake Paul brutally knocks out Askren in under one round! Although Askren got back up, the referee thought that Askren was not fit to continue.

In the fight, Askren looked slow, lacked footwork and his punches were not maximized. Meanwhile, Paul was aware with the ring management and really knows how to box. The fight ended quickly as Paul landed a jab-straight combo that knocked Askren out. The landing was also not a good look, and the referee stopped the fight.

As for Jake Paul, no one could say that he cannot fight. Yes, Askren may have a below average striking, knocking a durable Askren is still impressive. Paul certainly has enough power to knock out an Olympian.

For the fans, many thought that the fight was fixed since Askren just took the fight for the massive payday since the referee stopped the fight too early. In my opinion, the stoppage was indeed too early as Askren was not given the benefit of the doubt. Even Nate Robinson was given a few more chances to fight back.

Ben Askren may be a slow starter but he has shown to get back, the same with his fight against Robbie Lawler. The referee should have given him another chance, just to either give Askren another chance or make Paul’s win unquestionable.

Ben Askren also reacted to his loss, where he apologized to the world. Classic Askren tweet, the same with his KO loss against Masvidal.

Jake Paul also deserves credit, he certainly knows how to sell a fight. He may go on and fight another fighter and many eyes will still be tuning in.

Snoop Dogg then went on to call out Dana White for his million dollar bet.  Did Dana White really bet a million dollar or was it all talk? Dana White is wealthy enough to lose a million dollars anyways.

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