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Does this make Michael Bisping the GOAT? He literally won the Middleweight championship with one eye…

Jeremy Stephens should probably look away now. The featherweight fighter is a legend and a true veteran of the sport, but he probably won’t appreciate what Michael Bisping has just done on his podcast. Stephens recently fought Yair Rodriguez in Mexico City and things ended very badly.

To say that they fought is really an exaggeration. In reality, their clash only lasted for 15 seconds because Rodriguez accidentally poked ‘Lil Heathen’ in the eye. Stephens was unable to continue, so the fight ended there. While most reasonable people think it was fair, some think it was a cop-out by the Iowa native.

Michael Bisping hasn’t helped the situation. Check out the former UFC middleweight champion literally removing his fake eye on a recent episode of his Believe You Me podcast. Honestly, this is some crazy footage.

Detached Retina

Bisping suffered a detached retina when he fought Vitor Belfort back in 2013. The Brazilian landed a brutal head kick, knocking out ‘The Count’ and permanently damaging his eyesight. Belfort was infamously on TRT at the time, which made him twice as jacked as normal.

Now, Bisping has to live with the damage he received. On a recent episode of his ‘Believe You Me’ podcast, he demonstrated that he literally has a prosthetic eye. The British UFC legend removed the prosthetic and showed his co-host, Louis J Gomez. You can see the mad clip above.

The implications of this are crazy though. In short, Bisping literally knocked out Luke Rockhold with just one eye. He took a fight against all-time great Georges St. Pierre with one eye. What a legend he really is. You’ve got to love ‘The Count.’

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Bisping has never forgiven ‘The Phenom’ for his drug-fuelled aggression. He told the Three Amigos podcast that he knows the risks of the sport, but has no respect for any athlete who tries to get an unfair advantage.

“We all know the dangers of this sport,” Bisping said. “I mean, we’re trying to knock each other out. I’ve been left permanently disfigured, if you will, from my fight with Vitor Belfort. Vitor Belfort head kicked me and that’s what caused my detached retina. Since then, I’ve had five surgeries, and my eye is never going to look the same again.” 

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No Time

Throughout his career, Bisping lost a number of fights. However, apart from his defeat by Kelvin Gastelum, they all came against athletes who tested positive at one point or another. In short, Bisping believes that cheats compromised his career. Well clearly. He ended up with just one eye. Bisping said:

“That was one of the reasons why I said I was never fighting anybody else with a steroid history. But with all the backlash on Twitter, this and that, people saying, ‘Oh he’s scared,’ I told Ariel (Helwani), ‘Well, f**k it. If the UFC wants to make the fight, I’ll do the fight. I’m not scared.’ I really don’t have anything to prove to these people, but it just kind of pissed me off. If the UFC wants to make this fight, I’m all for it. Let’s do it.”

To sum up, Bisping has definitely prospered since retirement. His everyman nature makes it very easy to like him. Also, forget about Jorge Masvidal v Nate Diaz for the BMF belt. Unless they’re both missing an eye, they don’t deserve it.

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