Brock Lesnar Responds To Conor McGregor With Violent Challenge

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor has a lot on his plate this weekend. Tonight (Saturday August 20, 2016) he’ll face Nate Diaz. The UFC 202 main event is blanketed in a deep backstory.

Diaz submitted McGregor at UFC 196 this past March, handing the Irishman his first loss for the promotion. Diaz also threw a spanner in the works in terms of the UFC’s future plans. The question now is whether McGregor will be able to get back on track.


McGregor vs. Everyone

McGregor and Diaz successfully made weight on Friday night, finally making their fight official. There’s been a lot of talk about their eventful rivalry, especially after Wednesday’s crazy press conference chaos.

Diaz is not the only one with ‘The Notorious’ on his hit list though. The outspoken Irish striker has been getting his name in the mix in the worlds of boxing and pro wrestling. Using his massive reach on social media, McGregor has rattled many cages.


Beef with WWE

McGregor called out the entire WWE roster recently, leading to a huge backlash from the pro wrestling community. One certain WWE-UFC crossover had remained quiet though. Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar didn’t fire back at first.

Until today…

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