In the almost 25 year history of modern day MMA there has been some really violent rivalries between fighters. Unsurprisingly, most of the entries on this list also sold a lot of PPVs as a result of the violent nature of their rivalry.

A few notable omissions before we begin. Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock did not make this list on account of their rivalry being so one-sided. Yes, there was quite a bit of violence in the feud, its just that it was all coming from Tito and landing on Ken. For that reason it was deemed to be less violent than the ones which did make the list.

An honorable mention goes out to Sam Stout and Spencer Fisher, who had a bloody rivalry between 2007-08 that resulted in a couple of great fights.

Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping didn’t make the cut either, this despite Hendo’s big H-bomb that landed on Bisping’s chin at UFC 100. As of this writing their rivalry is only one fight deep (though the second fight has been scheduled), and for that reason it was deemed a little less violent than the rivalries that did make the cut.

Here are the top 7 most violent feuds in MMA history…

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