Having been involved with the UFC for over two decades, few people have more insight into what goes on inside and outside the Octagon than color commentator Joe Rogan.

In this article we’ll look back at 10 of Rogan’s most memorable stories from his time working in the UFC, from behind-the-scenes drama through to partying with some of the sport’s biggest stars.

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The Afterparty With Mark Coleman And Two Working Girls

In an episode of the ‘This Is Not Happening’ comedy show, Rogan recounted a hilarious tale of having gone out partying with “a giant wrestler dude,” following his first ever appearance as a post-fight interviewer at UFC 12 in Dothan, Alabama in 1997.

It became obvious that he was talking about Mark Coleman, who had become the inaugural UFC heavyweight champion earlier that night and was now looking for female companionship, so a local DJ offered to drive them to a strip club, which turned out to be a random house in the middle of nowhere with a handmade sign saying ‘Gentleman’s Club.’

Rogan was already regretting his decision to tag along, and even more so when they got inside and he was accosted by a woman, “wearing sweatpants and wrestling shoes,” whose breath, “smells like you ate 150 sh*t sandwiches.”

Coleman meanwhile had found himself a girl, so Rogan convinced him to bring her back to their hotel so he could get out of this place, which she agreed to, but only on the condition that her friend, the aforementioned, “sh*tbreath” could come too.

After the taxi journey from hell back to the hotel, Coleman kicked open the door, grabbed his girl under his arm and ran into the building, leaving Rogan with the girl who has become his worst nightmare.

Listen To Rogan’s full recollection of what happened in the video above.

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