Getting His Job In The UFC

Rogan first worked for the promotion at UFC 12 as a post-fight interviewer, a job he’d do for two years before going back to just being a fan.

However, when Dana White and the Fertitta brothers bought the company he’d get free tickets and attended the shows.

“One day I was talking to [Dana White] about fights going on in Japan,” Rogan said on his podcast.  “‘Do you know this guy?’ – and I was bringing up all these names – [He said] ‘Do you want to do commentary?’ [I said] I don’t want to do commentary, man. I’m here to get drunk and watch people kick the shit out of each other. I’m not here to work.’ And he talked me into it for one show. UFC 37.5.

“…I did like 12 of them for free. The UFC didn’t have any money. They were hemorrhaging money. There were rich people that owned it, but it was not a profitable venture. And I said, ‘Look, just get me there, get me and my friends tickets, and I’ll do it.’

“And that’s how I operated for over a year, and then I just became ‘The Commentator.’ It’s just weird.”