One of the pioneers of the game, Diego Sanchez will have his final fight against another UFC legend, Donald Cerrone. Sanchez was the first to win the Ultimate Fighter (Middleweight) division. He looked to be one of the most promising prospect during his rise.

Sanchez has been in the game so long that he has fought so many greats like Nick Diaz, BJ Penn, Josh Koscheck and many others. One thing for sure is Sanchez always came to fight and give the fans one of the most entertaining fights during his prime. Although his defense is not that good, he still goes in for the kill or be killed style.

Sanchez has indicated that it will be his final fight of his career, but his door is open if the McGregor fight is offered. Obviously the money is the main factor but also McGregor has said that he wanted to fight Diego Sanchez during his exchange with Dana White.

After 43 pro fights, Sanchez has finally decided to hang up the gloves. Many fans were concerned about Sanchez’s personal health. He showed some signs of CTE and a lot strange actions outside of the Octagon. He changed his team for his fights, a Guru is now coaching (Joshua Fabia). It is a good thing that Sanchez realizes that there are things bigger than the sport.

Donald Cerrone is also a legend in the sport. He has the record for most wins the UFC, and one of the most active fighters in the UFC. It is also worth noting that Cerrone needs a win badly as well, He is coming off a 4-fight losing streak and 1 No contest fight.

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In his defense, all those fights were among the top contenders of the division. Cerrone has said that he loves the sport so much and fighting is in his DNA. He will likely stay fighting. If you are a UFC fan, you know Donald Cerrone.

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