Conor McGregor is Pulling Out All The Stops For His Upcoming Fight Against Khabib Nurmagamedov… He is Training With Russian Blackbelt Ayub Magomedov, Who Has Broken Down the Notorious’s Grappling Game…

It’s exactly three weeks today until October 7, the fateful day when Conor McGregor will take on Khabib Nurmagamedov for the lightweight title. The two men are set to finally face each other in the octagon and conclude their toxic rivalry.

These two high-flying fighters have been on a collision course as they’ve risen through the ranks of the UFC. They’re two of the most exciting fighters in the 155lb division, and it’s almost impossible to definitively say who is going to win.

Neither man is leaving anything to chance. McGregor has been working with a Russian wrestling specialist and BJJ blackbelt Ayub Magomedov. Magomedov is highly thought of in the world of grappling and he’s revealed exactly what he thinks of McGregor’s abilities on the mat.


McGregor’s striking is without a doubt his bread and butter. He has one of the best-left hands in the lower weight divisions, and that’s been his main weapon against practically everyone he has fought. His ability against top-level wrestlers has been questioned in the past, and we saw him dominated by Chad Mendes until he managed to knock out the Team Alpha Male fighter, at the end of their interim featherweight championship fight.

Practically all of his MMA defeats have come via submission. Back in the early days of his careers, he lost to Joseph Duffy via submission, and his only loss in the UFC to date has come to Nate Diaz via rear-naked choke.

However, we did see him manage to grapple successfully and dominate Max Holloway, after busting his knee. He also is a legitimate brown belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu under the tutelage of John Kavanagh, who doesn’t just hand them out. He was Ireland’s first ever black belt in the grappling martial art.


Now, after an interview with RT Sports, Magomedov has revealed exactly what he thinks about McGregor’s grappling ability. He was fairly complimentary as he stated:

“I was contacted through my manager. They were searching for a guy for a sparring session. And that’s it. I arrived there and we did MMA sparring. That’s what they wanted me there for so I did my job and went back to Moscow. He is a really solid brown-belt in BJJ, for sure. He’s an expert in striking but he has pretty good wrestling. He has really good BJJ. He’s a two-weight world champion, so what more can I say?”

Plan B

If McGregor is taken down by Khabib, then things will go wrong for the Irishman very very quickly. We’ve all watched the Dagestani sambo fire bludgeon his opponents from top position, trapping their arms and legs so they can’t defend themselves. Things will get desperate very quickly if that happens.

McGregor will surely feel more secure training with elite talent like Magomedov though. It will at least give him a taste of the strength of a true wrestler. He’s less likely to freak out by just how powerful Khabib is. If he can relax and keep his cool, he might be able to survive if he ends up on the ground.

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