Things Did Not Go to Plan For Mark Hunt in Russia, as he Lost by a Brutal First Round Submission…

Mark Hunt is one of those action fighters we all know and love. He’s up there with the likes of Donald Cerrone, Frankie Edgar, and Jeremy Stephens. They’re all veterans who have all put on incredible displays of action and aggression during their time in the organization.

However, all good things come to an end and there’s no doubt that Hunt is reaching the end of his career. He fought Alexey Oleynik in the main event of the UFC’s debut in Russia last night, and things definitely did not go to plan for ‘The Super Samoan.’

Hunt is now 44-years-old. He’s the oldest active UFC fighter, and it’s a credit to him that he’s been able to maintain his elite talent for so long. But it’s kind of sad to watch how easily he was finished last night… people shouldn’t get old.

Wicked Submission

There are a few sure things in this world. Letting Alexey Oleynik near your neck is a recipe for disaster. The Russian fighter is a well-vaunted submission artist. He achieved his 47th ever submission in an MMA fight with an eye-popping rear-naked choke win over Hunt. That’s his favorite submission too by the way.

As soon as he achieved the position this fight was over. Hunt grabbed his arm but it was futile. There was nowhere he could go and nothing he could do to resist. Oleynik had achieved a brutal first-round submission win.

One More Fight

Hunt says that he wants to have one last hurrah. He’s only got one more fight left on his contract with the UFC anyway, so it’s not going to be long before we’re saying goodbye to a genuine legend of the sport. He may never have won a title, but he’s still one of the most distinctive fighters on the roster, and we’ll miss his personality when he’s gone.

He’s hoping to get on a fight card down under. Hunt trains with the likes of fast-rising heavyweight starlet Tai Tuivasa and light-heavyweight Tyson Pedro. He told MMA Junkie:

“I love working for the UFC, but we have issues. I’ve got one more fight left, and I’m trying to get on the Adelaide card with Tai Tuivasa and the boys. One last hurrah for the old guy.”

Bitter Parting

At least he’ll be able to leave on his terms. He’s been at odds with the UFC ever since his loss to Brock Lesnar back in 2016. That fight was overturned to a no-contest after Lesnar tested positive for banned substances. Hunt was furious because he’s fought multiple opponents who have been using PEDs.

Hunt has lost three of his last four now but was classy in defeat. He told the audience after another bitter defeat:

“Congrats to the victor and enjoy the journey up.”

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