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Since USADA burst on to the MMA scene, things have been very different. Before the anti-doping agency came around, steroid use was literally plaguing the sport. Once they’d implemented stricter drug testing, huge stars started dropping like flies.

Changing the landscape of MMA and the UFC, USADA has acted like an enforcer on the steroid-fuelled mafia. Altering physiques and performances, the drug testing has claimed some seriously high level scalps.

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Anderson Silva Was The Biggest Name

Without doubt, ‘The Spider’ was the biggest name to fall since USADA testing became official. That said, there’s been a number of very shady stories and ‘close calls.’ Thinking back, two particular stories stand out.

Before Jose Aldo fought Conor McGregor at UFC 194, the bout was scheduled for UFC 189. After Wanderlei Silva famously bolted from a drug tester in Brazil, a similar story emerged from Aldo’s Nova Uniao camp.

Rogan Exposes The Scoop

During his most recent podcast episode, UFC commentator Joe Rogan discussed Aldo’s infamous alleged drug test scandal:

“The first time they (USADA) came he (Aldo) wouldn’t do it,” Rogan said. “He wouldn’t take the test because he said he didn’t know the guy. But apparently, the way it happens, I’ve talked to people who have been tested and it’s super shady. They’ll come up to you. They’ll take you up to a room. They’ll test you. It’s not sterile. They want to test you right now. They’ll watch you go to the bathroom. Tim Kennedy said they watched him take a shower.

“So the Aldo guy, they are trying to deport him, trying to kick him out of Brazil. They are literally trying to get him out of there. They are saying you don’t have any authority to test us, you’re not even from this country. They are throwing the kitchen sink at him. The next day they get him to test, then he trips and spills it.”

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