Who would win? Well, let’s find out, kinda…

Since taking the world by storm in the early 1970’s, Bruce Lee has become a global icon. Everything about Lee is celebrated; his movies, his teachings and philosophies, and the mark he left after his tragic death.

Starring in hit movies such as Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon, Game of Death and more, Lee boosted the global fascination with martial arts. After he was sadly taken from the world in 1973 aged just 32, Lee’s influence would become even more widespread.

Godfather of MMA

Recently paying tribute to Bruce Lee, UFC president Dana White celebrated the martial arts icon’s life. Widely credited as the ‘Godfather of MMA,’ many of Lee’s philosophies have been proven true in modern combat.

Although nowhere near the level of legendary status as Bruce Lee, Conor McGregor is gaining global notoriety too. Taking belts at lightweight and featherweight in the UFC, McGregor’s fame stems mainly from his ability to talk and fight.

So how would a fight between these two go down?

Bruce Lee vs. Conor McGregor

Many fans have debated about Bruce Lee taking on modern day MMA fighters. Although they often refer to the ground game aspect being Lee’s potential weakness, it pays to remember he practised all kinds of martial arts, including Japanese Jiu Jitsu.

Lee believed that a martial artist is most efficient when trained in all styles. The proof is in the pudding when you look at today’s UFC stars. Strangely enough, when put in the EA UFC 2 simulator, Bruce Lee vs. Conor McGregor actually ends on the ground.

Check out their simulated scrap for the UFC lightweight title on the Youtube player below:

YouTube video

Bruce Lee’s Ground Game!?!

Although it’s only ever going to be in a virtual format, that was certainly a fun fight.

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