Videos: Bully Acts Tough But The Smaller Victim Was Trained In MMA

Some videos showing that size isn’t everything when it comes to fighting, especially when one guy has MMA training. These bullies really had it coming to them…

When is it acceptable to victimise someone? Never, but when does it happen? All the time, and quite often it’s the bullies that end up sucker punching unsuspecting and often smaller or perceived ‘weaker’ opponents.


Perhaps the fact that bullies are so underhanded and vicious is what’s helped the subjects of today’s article go viral. Maybe it’s just the satisfaction of seeing a douchebag get their just desserts.

Whatever the case, these videos are made that much awesome by the fact the bullies have chosen to fight someone with MMA training. This means the resulting beatdowns from the smaller fighters are that much more punishing.

Here’s a classic clip of a pumped up larger bully instigating a street fight with a much smaller and weaker looking foe. It backfires on the bully big time, to say the least:

On the next page, you’ll find another bully beatdown, this time using Jiu Jitsu skills, and also a crazy moment from Bellator 150 that’s simply hilarious.

Skip to page 2 for the second bully beatdown video, and the moment a Bellator official took a punch to the face…

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