Bellator 150 and Glory 27 went down last night, and these knockouts are some of the most brutal you will ever see. If you like a good spinning head kick, this is for you…

Bellator 150 and Glory 27 went down last night (Friday February 26, 2016) and produced a number of extremely shocking and memorable knockouts. First off we’ll take a look at Glory kickboxing’s brutal KO offering of the week.

Glory 27 went down in the Sears Centre in Chicago, Illinois, and featured a host of huge names from kickboxing. The knockout in question was between Guto Inocente Demoreo Dennis and was possibly the most nasty finish of the year in all combat sports. Just the sound alone is gruesome enough.

Check it out:

That was crazy! In case you haven’t heard of Guto Inocente, he’s a Strikeforce and UFC veteran and also an experienced 57-14 pro kickboxer.


On to the mixed martial arts offering of the evening, and Bellator 150 attempted to prove the promotion isn’t just a circus act. After Bellator 149 displayed the worse that Scott Coker’s freak show can offer, last night’s highlight reel knockouts once again proved that BMMA has some great talent.

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The stars of the Bellator 150 undercard showed that you don’t have to be a 50-year old legend or out of shape youtube brawler to make an impression, but will they be heard? Unfortunately Scott Coker’s organization seems to hinge on big numbers, as exhibited by their recent 2 million viewership peak for Bellator 149.

In a sport where names and money mean everything, the true stars of BMMA are often overlooked. Check out the three best finishes from last night’s Bellator 150 offering, and see if you enjoyed them any more or less than any main card fight featured at Bellator 149:

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