The Gypsy King won the third Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury match. He was light on his feet and had much more stamina than Deontay Wilder. Wilder looked exhausted from the second round and was gasping for air.

But it was not a one-sided match. There were moments in this exciting fight where the match could have gone either way. 5 knockdowns, 3 times Deontay Wilder went down and then was knocked down. Tyson Fury suffered 2 in the same round but held strong after that.

In this nail-biter fight, it came down to the stamina of the players. It looks like Deontay Wilder was busy building his muscles and did not work towards building up his stamina so that he could last 12 rounds. He looked gassed out from the 2nd round onwards. He got some burst fires but then gasped for air for the rest of the rounds. The bronze bomber did not move much and was a very reliable target.

On the other hand, the gypsy king danced around and was able to target Deontay Wilder very easily. To Deontay Wilder’s credit, he was much tougher and absorbed so many good shots before going down. Tyson Fury must have worked on his stamina. He was very sharp till the end of the fight and hit Deontay Wilder with combos. On the other hand, the bronze bomber was not able to mount any continuous attacks. Whenever he hit some clean shots there was no oxygen left in him to finish the job.

I don’t know about others but to me, Deontay Wilder looked drunk and wobbly throughout the fight. Whereas, the gypsy king was dancing around and hit him from all angles. Tyson Fury used the same playbook as last time and again Deontay Wilder did not have the answers. Tyson Fury forced him into corners and then beat the hell out of him. Fury would put his weight on Wilder and deplete whatever little stamina Wilder had worked towards.

One other concerning thing about Wilder was his lack of defense. His hands were mostly low and did not protect himself from much of the punches thrown by Fury. In the 11th round, Wilder had nothing left. He was closing his eyes and resting on Fury’s shoulder so that he can get through till the next round.

But that did not work in the 11th round and Wilder was knocked out at 1:10. The referee Russel Mora intervened and stopped the fight without giving any count. That seems to be the end of the rivalry between Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury, with Tyson Fury emerging as an undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

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