Conor McGregor makes fun of the DEATH of Khabib’s FATHER

Conor McGregor might have lost respect from a lot of fans when he just made fun of a death of a rival’s family member. You could say that it is all marketing and stuff but making fun of a person’s family who just died is just immoral. McGregor may have had a lot of trash talks in the past but he just put it on a new level. Who would even want to stay a fan hearing after heating THIS?

It all started when Khabib tweeted about McGregor’s loss, saying that the good will always beat the evil. It basically indicated that Poirier was the good guy so that is why he won and McGregor being the EVIL led to his loss.

Now Conor McGregor may went low and probably his lowest blow you could ask for. Some even question why would he go down this road. It is not only disgusting for MMA but the sport in general has worked they way up by showing respect not this hatred. McGregor has not move on with his loss to Khabib, and now his back to back loss to Poirier.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

McGregor responded with Khabib’s saying that COVID is good since it led to Abdulmanap’s death. It is really disgusting to hear whether you are a McGregor fan or not. McGregor then deleted the tweet which he always does.

Many consider McGregor as the most successful UFC fighter ever, mainly because of how much career earnings he got. He broke a lot of records and at the end of the day fighters fight for money. It just proved that McGregor is not a good person but just a douchebag. From how high McGregor went, it will likely backfire if he keeps doing this.

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