The last belt that Canelo needs to become undisputed might be in jeopardy. Both team are looking to make a deal but unfortunately there is an issue that could potentially make the fight not even happen. Canelo has has said that his mission is to become the first ever undisputed super middleweight champion.

According to reports, Canelo was set to earn a guaranteed $40M payday while it was $10M for Caleb Plant. It is certainly reasonable in terms of the money agreed upon, as we are talking about Boxing’s biggest star and whenever Canelo fights, people watch. Unlike Plant, who not all people even know who he is, he is simply another champion in the division.

Caleb Plant making $10M is probably his biggest career earning, most would take it. Not only that but Canelo is certainly the A-side in this fight. A much bigger A-side, whoever Canelo fights, it is a guaranteed PPV while Plant never even headlined a PPV card.

According to Caleb Plant, he said yes to all agreements. One of those requests was the rematch clause where if somehow Canelo loses, Canelo has the right to demand a rematch.

The reason that they haven’t closed the deal is the reason where if Plant somehow pulls out of the fight whether it is sickness or injury, Canelo has the right to fight another opponent and if Canelo pulls out, they have to move the fight on a later date. This is the main issue why they haven’t agreed to fight yet.

Canelo Alvarez certainly has the right to demand mainly because he is the heavy A-side. The reason why this fight is even considered big is because of Canelo only. That is just how the boxing world works. If Plant fights other opponent, not all people will be even talking about this event.

Does Plant have the right to request an fair share in terms of this issue? Canelo calls the shots and Plant needs to understand that. If the fight doesn’t happen, Canelo could move up and fight other champions. Plant could also lose his biggest career payday, does he want that? Plant also needs to consider that if he beats Canelo, a rematch is surely coming and it will give him an even bigger payday.

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