WATCH: Two Drunk Lads Mock Conor McGregor, Then Conor McGregor Shows Up


When you pretend to be the most famous fighter on the globe, then he appears out of nowhere…

Becoming a sensation in every respect, Conor McGregor has made the most of his time in the UFC. Since 2013 he’s taken the combat sports world by storm, becoming a superstar in the mainstream.

The media loves the outspoken Irish star, and he in turn provides countless hours of entertainment. To say he’s the biggest draw the UFC have ever employed is a massive understatement.

from Irish Central
from Irish Central

McGregor’s Fame

Reaching unheard of levels of fame in the world of MMA, McGregor’s stardom is crazy. Since defeating Jose Aldo in 2015, and then winning the lightweight belt this year, McGregor literally never needs to work again.

Although he also has haters, that’s normal for any kind of celebrity nowadays. The subject of today’s article proves both how huge he has become, and also provides a rather hilarious viral moment.


Watch The Video Below

Playing about in the streets of Dublin, these two young lads were taking the pee out of their favorite fighter. Stating ‘You’ll do nothin” and mimicking his style, these two clearly get their fair share of UFC TV subscriptions.

Nobody expected what happened next, though. Conor McGregor drives up, rolls down his window and gives them both a fist bump! How wild is this? You can watch the video on the Facebook player below, courtesy of The SPORT Bible on Facebook:

That’s made these guys’ Christmas for sure!

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