20 MMA Fighters Who Are Also Musicians

By ross
20 MMA Fighters Who Are Also Musicians

Not content with just being the toughest guys in the room, some MMA stars have also sought to show that there is more to them than just fighting by showcasing their softer, more artistic side as musicians.

From singers to rappers and DJ’s, guitarists to drummers and pianists, in this article we’ll look at 20 MMA fighters who are also musically inclined, including a few have released their own tracks, with varying degrees of success.

Tyron Woodley

During his reign as the UFC’s welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley launched another career as a rapper, and he pulled all the stops for his debut single by collaborating with Wiz Khalifa.

The track, ‘Beat Yo Ass’ came out just after Woodley earned a convincing second round submission victory over Darren Till in September of 2018.

“What better time to release a track talking about how I’m going to beat your ass, fresh off of whooping some ass?” Woodley told TMZ at the time.

Truth be told though, Woodley had actually originally planned to premiere the song by performing it with Khalifa during his walk-in for the fight, but then decided against it after fearing he was going to jinx himself.

Since then Woodley has featured on a song by Glacier Boys, tried his hand at a parody of ‘Old Town Road’ alongside Randy Couture, and most recently released another single, ‘Money & The Love.’