Many Combat Sports Athletes Fight Because They Have No Other Choice… But Some People Just Can’t Keep Themselves Out of the Ring Despite Having Other Options in Life… Here are the 10 Most Overqualified Fighters in MMA

MMA is one of the toughest sports in the world. You’re literally training to fight somebody and inflict enough damage on them to make the referee stop the fight. Either that, or you’re trying to make them submit by forcing their own body against them. All of this while stopping your opponent from doing the same to you.

Many fighters come from rough and tough backgrounds. They see MMA as a way to break out and potentially make some life-changing money. But not everybody. Just look at BJ Penn, who came from a wealthy family. He fights because it gives him focus.

Today we’re going to look at the ten most over-qualified MMA fighters. We’re talking about people who had excellent prospects in other respected and stable professional fields. You might be surprised by just how many PhDs are on this list. MMA fighters definitely aren’t stupid.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

10. Joe Lauzon

He might not be as high-profile as Nate Diaz, but UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon shares the record of second-most performance bonuses in the promotion’s history – behind Donald Cerrone of course. Known as a submission artist, that probably shouldn’t be surprising because of his analytical background.

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports.

Lauzon has a degree in computer science from Wentworth Institute of technology. He also worked as a network administrator fixing network issues in Cambridge, Massachusetts before finally going full-time as an MMA fighter. That’s quite the double life!

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