Conor McGregor reveals he was INJURED prior the TRILOGY fight

The trilogy fight of Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier unfortunately ended in a gruesome injury that it was not fun to watch. It was not the type of ending that fans wanted to see especially to end the a great chapter but that is part of the sport.

According to Dustin Poirier, the leg that injured McGregor was caused by the leg check in one of the early kicks of the fight. He revealed it in an interview with Joe Rogan but then when Rogan asked McGregor, he quickly denied it saying there were no checks. It is matter of he said, she said.

After the fight when the emotions have calmed down a bit, McGregor went on to post a video of what happened before the fight. He even said to ask the people behind the event as they were aware of what was truly going on.

The strange thing was if McGregor had an injured leg before the fight, why did his game plan involve throwing a lot of heavy leg kicks especially in the beginning rounds of the fight. It was dangerous even for McGregor, he should have boxed more or mixed in wrestling if he was injured.

McGregor then posted pictures of him with an injured leg, do you believe that McGregor was injured before the fight or is he saying this to sell another fight as he said that his rivalry with Poirier is not yet over?

At the end of the day, he still needs to rest up and recover from the injury which will take a bit of time and Poirier will fight Charles Oliveira for the title. Should McGregor return to MMA despite his success outside of the sport, if so, who should he fight next?

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