Tyson Fury closed the trilogy chapter with a bang! Although it was not an easy route, Fury got the job done and proved once and for all that he is at the top of the food chain when it comes to heavyweights. It was a great fight, Wilder also showed tremendous heart as a warrior of the game. Sadly, Heart alone is not enough to win the fight.

In the opening bell, Wilder started more technical than usual. He focused more on the body jab which may have thrown Fury a bit off guard. It was an unusual sequence but it just shows that Wilder was willing to improve his skills and have a different strategy. Fury was not as aggressive as he was in the second match.

In the third round, Fury managed to catch Wilder that led to a knockdown. It was a great combo with an uppercut. When that happened, it was looking similar to the rematch where Fury also scored the first knockdown in the third. Wilder was saved by the bell.

When the fourth round started, momentum was on Fury’s side but his overconfidence may have led to his demise. Wilder landed his signature 1-2 combo that stunned Fury, but he managed to get back up but Wilder scored a second knockdown on the very same round but fortunately for Fury, the round ended.

After both fighters recovered from the fight, Fury just showed tremendous endurance. For a guy, that big to move like that is still astonishing. He went on to outbox and dominate Wilder most of the later parts of the fight.

Although there was still the threat of Wilder’s right hand, it was what kept the fans on the edge of their seat. What if Wilder lands another punch that would stun Fury? What if Wilder makes the miraculous comeback is what kept the fight entertaining.

Wilder showed tremendous heart, he was severely dominated but did not want to back down. He got hit numerous times but he still wouldn’t go down, it was not an easy night for Wilder but his performance is not something to be ashamed of.

In the tenth round, Fury managed to score another knockdown that put Wilder on his knees. At that moment, it was just a matter of time that Wilder will go down.

The next round, Fury came in and knocked Wilder out cold, that the referee had no choice but to stop the fight.

The fight had everything a fan can ask for, it is surely a candidate for FIGHT of the year. Fury went on to get back from two knockdowns, Wilder showed tremendous heart as a former champion and the fight ended in a highlight-reel knockout. What more could you ask for? Tyson Fury has cemented himself as one of the best heavyweights of this era. The heavyweight division is back!

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