There’s always going to be a clear line between people who can fight, and people who only talk about it. Valuable lessons have been learned from years of witnessing these types of confrontations, yet still people try their luck.

Following the rapid expansion of martial arts, and then mixed martial arts, your average guy or girl is now potentially a lethal weapon. Never judge a book by it’s cover, even the most normal looking can be dangerous people.



Street Fighting Works…Sometimes

Just throwing up the hands and having a good fist fight can work sometimes. Especially if the other fighter is just throwing hands, sure it’s great, but even a small amount of proper training changes everything.

Suddenly one guy is just throwing hands, the other is measuring their opportunities and wasting no energy. The moment a finishing strike becomes available, the trained fighter will always react quicker.


Sage Advice

Although Georges St-Pierre makes a great point, if he was put in the following situation, he’d likely do the same. Let’s get down to business, the clip below is harsh in nature, but God dammit that’s why you are reading.

Here’s what happened when a loudmouth thug decided to pick on a trained fighter while he was moving boxes in the street:

YouTube video

Obviously things could have ended a lot worse for the bully here. Although he ended up knocking out the scumbag in quick and brutal fashion, the fighter in this situation shows plenty of restraint. Many similar fights have ended much worse.

Amazed that people are still trying their luck like this? Yep, same here, but this isn’t the last time we’ll be showing videos like this one. Until the next time you get a thirst for some scraps, thanks for reading and keep with us for all things fight related at

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