Caged Muay Thai KO: Fighter Faceplants after Brutal Uppercut

Caged Muay Thai was created by 10x Muay Thai World Champion John Wayne Parr. Parr admits he is obsessed with the UFC and wanted the opportunity to fight in a cage. “The Gunslinger” contemplated a transition to MMA, but decided he wasn’t interested in grappling after suffering multiple injuries during training. He has traveled to Toronto in the past to train with former welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre.

His desire to fight in mixed martial arts led him to creating a whole new style of Muay Thai. The fights take place in a cage with MMA gloves, but Muay Thai rules still apply, there are no take downs or submissions. Blending the brutal violence of Muay Thai and the smaller four-ounce gloves results in less shelling up on defense and more devastating one-punch knock outs.

Watch the video below as Muay Thai Legend John Wayne Parr drops his opponent 3 times in less than a minute before knocking him flat on his face with an uppercut from hell.

Caged Muay Thai will be hosting it’s 8th event: CMT 8 on March 4, 2016. The main event features a rematch as John Wayne Parr takes on Brad Riddell of New Zealand. Riddell stepped in on 48 hours notice but lost a close unanimous decision to Parr in a 2013 Muay Thai fight.


Currently, the promotion only hosts fights in JWP’s home country of Australia, but this style of fighting could become the next big thing in combat sports. Kickboxing has failed to take off in the United States, with Glory Kickboxing being taken off the air this past October due to poor ratings. Glory enjoyed a 2 year run on Spike TV with good reviews but not enough viewers to sustain its Friday night timeslot.


If Caged Muay Thai continues to grow, others may follow suit and create their own brand of MMA-style striking events. Recent news from Bellator MMA states that it will begin promoting standalone kickboxing events starting this coming April. “Bellator: Dynamite” was an event that featured an MMA and Glory kickboxing hybrid event this past September. This event showcased kickboxing in a traditional ring, with the future events planned to be held in a ring as well. If the ratings are as low as that of Glory Kickboxing, we could see them testing it out in a cage sooner rather than later.

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