The decision to try and force former Olympic bronze medalist judoka Ronda Rousey to embrace striking as her primary approach to offense came long before she ever fought reigning UFC women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes.

Rousey was stopped in 48-seconds by Nunes at UFC 207 last week, and it wasn’t pretty.

“Lioness” peppered Rousey with various knockout punches before authoring the shocking finish less than a minute into the first. The KO loss is the second in a row for “Rowdy”, who is now contemplating whether or not to continue her career.


Coach Edmond Tarverdyan Takes The Heat For Two Rousey KO Losses

Many fans and observers have blamed Rousey’s head coach, boxing trainer Edmond Tarverdyan. Tarverdyan is not known as an MMA trainer per se as he is focused mainly on the striking aspect of fighting. Regardless, fans point to the fact that Tarverdyan has no knowledge of either either wrestling nor BJJ.

And in a lot of ways, most fans are right. Tarverdyan himself has admitted that he tried to focus more on Rousey’s striking.

In a recent video released by The site uncovers an early video of Tarverdyan where he explains exactly why he has tried to turn Rousey into a boxer.

“Sparring MMA, sparring Ronda is a bit dangerous,” said Tarverdyan. “It’s very hard. Our guys (in the gym) try to spar with her, it becomes very crazy. She’s knocking out the guys. If she’s not, then they have to stand there and engage with her.”

YouTube video

WATCH: Tarverdyan Sheds Light On Ronda Rousey’s Striking Ability

The rest of the video Tarverdyan harps on Rousey’s striking, and her other strengths.

It’s clear that not only was Rousey sold on the idea that she could be a world-class striker, but that Tarverdyan completely bought into the idea too.

It’s tough to see Rousey get stopped so brutally in back-to-back fights. That’s not the way a legend in the sport is supposed to go out. Her fighting career however is currently in limbo. No one knows exactly if she will continue competing in MMA or if she will call it a day.

If she decides to push on, changes must clearly be made to her camp. Whether or not that means getting rid of Tarverdyan or merely adding a wrestling coach remains to be seen. Whatever Rousey decides however, she will have no choice but to humble herself and face the music.

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