Wow, in one of the craziest fights you’ll ever see, Michael Bisping just defeated Anderson Silva, but it was very controversial….

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva fought Michael Bisping this evening in England’s capital city of London, and it was possibly the most weird and crazy fight in modern mixed martial arts.

The fight started with Bisping unexpectedly bossing the striking exchanges, scoring a clean knockdown in round two that saw ‘The Spider’ nearly finished. As things progressed in to round three, they only got weirder.


n the third round Silva started to build momentum, and as Bisping lost his mouth piece the Brazilian striker poured it on. Landing some hard knees to the body, Silva capitalized on the confusion while ‘The Count’ looked towards the ref for his mouth guard.

Landing a picture perfect flying knee, it looked as though the fight was over, but the round ended almost simultaneously. Silva jumped atop the octagon fence and celebrated, but it wasn’t over.

Herb Dean declared he hadn’t called the fight, and the madness continued. Check out the controversial moment:

Silva thought it was done after that cracking knee, but it was only just getting started. Bisping’s face was a mess, and the mass confusion had meant his cornermen couldn’t get to his cuts between rounds.

‘The Spider’ battered a weary Bisping for the last two rounds, scoring with huge head kicks and punches from crazy angles. Although he’d been wobbled numerous times in the early goings, Silva was heating up in the later rounds.


What happened next was highly unexpected considering the state of Michael Bisping’s face and how dominant Silva had been. After five rounds, the judges awarded the fight to Michael Bisping, and all of a sudden Silva’s career is in tatters.

Now without a win since 2012, and losing a highly controversial UD to Michael Bisping, Silva might well hang them up after this gritty loss.

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