UFC president Dana White gave his reaction to the madness that was Michael Bisping vs. Anderson Silva. After a wild third round, many believed Silva would knock Bisping out…

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva fought tough British slugger Michael Bisping in the main event of UFC Fight Night 84 last night. London, England was the venue for the free card aired completely on Fight Pass, and the headlining action was incredible, to say the least.


The fight went the full five rounds, and was an instant classic. After being dropped in the early rounds by Bisping the Brazilian striker turned up the heat in round three. Then came one of the most confusing moments in combat sports history.

Almost in sync with the buzzer to end round three, ‘The Spider’ clattered Bisping with a huge flying knee that crumpled ‘The Count.’  Confusion ensued, here is the video replay:

The referee seemed just as confused as everyone else was, but the fight continued. There were a number of people who were not impressed with how the fight went down, including Anderson Silva himself, who made shocking accusations about the judges after he lost by unanimous decision, but we’ll get to that later. Here’s how Dana White reacted to the fight, via the FOX Sports Twitter account:

But that’s not the end of this drama, Anderson Silva made some serious accusations about the judges after this fight.

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