UFC featherweight champion “The Notorious” Conor McGregor is deep in training for his November 12th bout against UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez.

But that hasn’t stopped him from taking a step back from his daily routine to offer a few words for former UFC women’s bantamweight champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, who is set to make her much-anticipated return to the Octagon this December.


Conor McGregor Has His Fair Share Of Haters And Doubters

McGregor is no stranger to infamy. He is in and out of the spotlight with every word he relays to the media, and every water bottle he throws at his opponents. The guy knows how to make a scene, and people either love him or hate him for it.

In fact, to say that McGregor is the most loved mixed martial artist in the world is gross misinformation. The Irishman is no stranger to bashing and has his fair share of haters.

The same goes with Rousey, who is admired just as equally as she is despised.

In November of 2015, Rousey lost her title to former boxer Holly Holm. It was the first loss of her illustrious career, one that sent her into obscurity as she kept largely out of the spotlight.


Ronda Rousey Is Back This December Ready To Take Back What She Lost

Now nearly a year later, UFC President Dana White has announced that Rousey will return at UFC 207 this December 30 to face current champion Amanda Nunes. This announcement drew criticism from many followers of the sport.

People wondered why Rousey, who was essentially on vacation for the greater part of an entire year, can easily come back to the cage and into a title shot. There are other, more deserving candidates for a shot at UFC gold, fans say.

Yet despite that fact, Rousey will climb back into the Octagon at the end of the year looking to reclaim what she had lost.


Conor McGregor Gives Ronda Rousey Words Of Encouragement

Less than a month away from his own night of reckoning, McGregor has a word of advice for Rousey.

“I’d tell her to go shut them all up now. Shut them all up. Go and stake your claim again,” McGregor recently told Sports Illustrated.

“I wish Ronda nothing but the best, it’s good to see her back. Some people take defeat and losses a certain way. You see how some fighters take losses. I’m happy she is ready to go again and I wish her well.

“Go and shut these people up now. Go and get what you began back. I’m excited to see how it unfolds.”

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