Even the Messiah Has to Throw Down Sometimes… A Brazilian Man Was Targeted by a Shirtless Thug in Sao Paulo… Luckily, the Saviour Was Able to Protect Himself…

What prompts somebody to start a street fight? It’s one of the weirdest things in everyday society when you have an out-of-shape regular joe, who for some reason thinks they’re the most dangerous guy on the planet. Maybe it’s after a few drinks, or they’ve had a bad day and testosterone takes over, but it almost always doesn’t end well.

You’ve got to be able to defend yourself if such an event happens. Even if it is in the most bizarre circumstances. That’s what happened to Luis Felipe Andrade Amaral when he was forced to exchange punches with a shirtless idiot at the Sao Paulo carnival.

Watch the weird and wacky footage below, as Jesus Christs absolves the sins of his attacker in brutal style. It’s pretty funny.



We’ve no idea what started this fight, but one thing is certain, the Jesus dude came off way better than the moron who tried to get it on with him. We see the shirtless thug throw a weak kick at Amaral, followed by a punch. Jesus isn’t having any of it and throws back a shot of his own.

He’s actually pretty hardcore, because he shows no fear to his attacker, actually going as far as to beckon towards him for more. Then he sends his opponent sprawling with a heavy shot. Maybe, the thug is drunk or on some dubious substance that made him use poor judgement, but he definitely paid for his sins.


Dumb Move

You can the shirtless thug wasn’t a trained fighter either, by the way, he threw that kick. It was slow and obvious and a poor move for a street fight. Most brawls on the street turn into embarrassing wrestling matches on the ground, with the average length of such an altercation just 3 to 8 seconds.

Brazil is a hotbed for martial arts, with some of the best MMA fighters in the world hailing from the South American nation. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most effective practical self-defence martial arts because if you reach an elite level, you can be certain that an ordinary untrained person will not be able to deal with you.


Be Careful

Getting into a streetfight really isn’t a good idea. Even if you are a BJJ black belt and well capable of taking somebody to the ground and choking them out, or tearing apart their limbs, they still could have a friend who could kick you in the end when you pull guard.

Even if you’re an elite striker, you could still cause trouble to yourself by KOing your opponent. It’s happened on so many occasions where a guy has found himself facing murder charges for flooring his attacker, who then smashes his head off the ground.

Even worse, you could go viral for getting schooled by a guy wearing a Jesus outfit. Imagine having to live with that for the rest of your life?

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