Cricket is a wonderful sport, including betting. Let’s take a look at the varieties of betting opportunities in this sport and share some valuable tips to help you win on legal betting sites.

Initially, it is worth clarifying that the best cricket betting sites in India are aware of the tastes of their customers and make the most attractive deals for local fans, offering high odds to the top events in the world of cricket. For example, live cricket betting at is noteworthy for the fact that this platform pays great attention to the favorite tournament of the Indians, the IPL. This national league is at the epicenter of the spotlight and betting in the spring.

Let’s get down to business. First, let’s figure out what types of bets are the most popular among players.

Tournament formats and rules can be confusing for betting players, so you need to figure out what outcomes are offered for this sport.

1. Outcome betting

Bettor guesses the outcome of the match – which team will win the meeting. A draw in cricket is impossible (except for the first level tournaments), therefore the bettor has two options – the victory of the first or second team. Experts recommend conducting an analysis of personal meetings to determine the choice. You can bet on the competitions of the first level with a double chance, insuring yourself in case of a draw.

2. Total bets

Cricket matches are long-lasting, and bookmakers offer many different totals – for example, you can bet on the total number of runs in a match, or on the total runs within a separate segment of the game (based on 5 or 10 overs). Totals are offered general or individual – the capper can evaluate the performance of each team.

3. Additional bets

Betting players often choose to win or lose a team with a handicap, plus or minus. In cricket, you can choose a handicap for wounds. In test matches, bettors often bet on zero handicaps, insuring their result in case of a possible draw.

4. Special bets

There are many unusual situations in cricket, so there are special bets. For example, the bettor can bet on who will serve first in the match (draw outcome). There are bets available on winning the first innings, as well as separate bets on player statistics – who is recognized as the best server and slugger, etc.

Important considerations when betting on cricket will maximize your success in this business. Let’s analyze the most effective tips.

Given the national characteristics of cricket, we can say that this sport is of interest to professional bettors. Here the line moves not only under the influence of certain factors but also at the expense of the fans. A huge audience of fans from Great Britain, Australia, India, Pakistan, and other countries is moving the line by betting on their favorite team. Therefore, the odds in the bookmaker’s line often do not reflect the essence of what is happening on the site.

We have already said that cricket bets must be made, starting not only from a complete understanding of this sport but also from operating with large amounts of information. You need to know everything about the teams taking part in the match, as well as about the accompanying factors: weather and climatic conditions.

Cricket is great for live betting. One of the features of this sport is the slow development of events. That is, already having certain information on hand, the bettor can observe the progress of the match for some time, assess the risks, the likelihood of changes in weather conditions, etc., and only then can he risk his money. This allows you to get some advantage over the bookmakers. Moreover, almost all legal bookmakers offer Live bets on major cricket tournaments.

It is almost impossible to play corridors in cricket, but forks are quite possible to find. Of course, it will be much more difficult to do this in comparison with other sports, but all the same, bookmakers do not always have time to properly respond to a large volume of bets on one of the teams, so bettors have a chance to get a guaranteed profit by placing bets on the victory of one and another team in the same match.

By the way, about the downloads. Cricket is one of the sports disciplines where match-fixing occurs most often. Messages about them regularly appear on the net. Therefore, if one of the teams went to an obvious load, for no obvious reason: all the players are in the ranks, the atmosphere in the team is quite friendly, there are no sudden changes in climatic and weather conditions, etc., then we can say with confidence that the match is contractual in nature. And, if you do not have information in advance, it is better to refuse bets on this game. Although, as professional bettors say: “If the line moves, follow it.” At a distance, this will bring a guaranteed plus.

Bettors should focus on the following aspects of the game of cricket:

1. In one-day fights, the key role is assigned to technique and skill, and if the match lasts 3-5 days, then the endurance of the opponents comes to the fore.

2. Pay enough attention to the study of statistics – in different periods of the season, teams and individual performers can be in different forms. Moving teams affects performance.

3. Cricket teams are not used to frequent climate changes, so when India comes to South Africa, for example, it takes time to adapt to new conditions, and this often affects the result.


So, to be ready to make money on cricket betting in 2021 you need to know these things:

  • What tournaments are held this year
  • Types of bets – which are the most popular among players
  • Most helpful cricket betting tips
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