Another report that could easily sway the betting odds further in McGregor’s favor…

UFC lightweight and former featherweight champion Conor McGregor faces the biggest challenge of his career on August 26. Only thing is, this fight is not in the UFC or MMA, rather against a boxing great in the squared circle.

Floyd Mayweather, as unlikely as it seems, will box Conor McGregor in the Irishman’s professional debut. Whether or not this whole thing is just a charade is yet to be seen. Although he’s never boxed, the odds that started wildly in Mayweather’s favor have been steadily narrowing.

Then comes the following report, that appears to have been overlooked…

Fighting is very different from boxing, leading to many believing this will be a complete landslide for Mayweather. Today’s report might just nudge things in the other direction…

Mayweather’s Hand Injured…

We’ve always known that ‘Money’ has experienced problems with his hands. Like most pro boxers, Mayweather has suffered multiple fractures and RSI (repetitive strain injury) in both his lightning-fast hands.

That’s why it comes as quite surprising the following report by FOX has gone mostly unnoticed. Floyd Mayweather Sr., his son’s longtime trainer, and former champion himself, told this reporter about ‘hand problems’ his son is experiencing:

Floyd Mayweather recently claimed he would be gunning for the knockout against McGregor. The Irishman has returned the sentiment in similarly brutal predictions. With hundreds of millions of dollars up for grabs, both men win regardless of the result.

That said, Mayweather’s legacy and undefeated record are on the line. More than that, the entire sport of boxing and the attached community would be laid to waste if McGregor emerges victorious.

Then again…there is this:

YouTube video

More Mind Games?

It’s no secret the Mayweathers like to play mind games ahead of their fights. ‘Money’ recently stated he’d go ‘right after’ McGregor and look to ‘put him down.’

“I feel like money. We gotta give people what they wanna see, excitement. At the pace we are going right now, it’s set to be bigger than the Pacquiao fight. I feel like I owe this to the fans, the Pacquiao fight wasn’t a blockbuster, so we are gonna give them a blockbuster.”

“I don’t like (Conor McGregor), I don’t like him at all. I’m going straight ahead, I’m not going with that defense, the fans deserve it. The after party is going to be at my strip club.”

“I’ll be there (at the strip club). I got into the strip club business because I knew the breasts, vagina, music, and alcohol will never go out of style.”

“If (Conor) kicks me in the head, that’s a huge fine. I don’t think he wants to lose like 90% of the money. Conor McGregor is undefeated standing up. The one time he lost in the octagon, he was on the ground. I look forward to putting him down.”

“As of now, we need to get past August 26, then after that we can talk about maybe (fighting in the UFC).”

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  1. Get your facts straight. Connor started with boxing then moved to MMA. Stop with the lie that he has never boxed. Mayweather goes down in the 4th.

    • why is he going to be announced 0-0-0 in boxing then? I boxed also in my garage, but that don’t count.

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