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Former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones Has Finally Broken His Silence After Daniel Cormier Became a Double Champion…

We were waiting for this. It’s taken almost two days, but Jon Jones has finally broken his silence and indirectly signaled that he’s set to run for the heavyweight title. ‘Bones’ is still widely regarded by many fans as the greatest UFC fighter of all time. Currently serving a suspension for failing two drug tests, expect to see him back soon.

The rivalry between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones is 100% the most real and toxic in MMA. Nevermind all that WWE rubbish between DC and Lesnar, this is as real as it gets. The duo has fought twice, with Jones winning both fights. However, his last victory – the first time DC was KOed, was overturned to a no-contest, after Jones tested positive for Turinabol.

Now Jones has clearly signaled that he is set to return and compete in both divisions currently held by Daniel Cormier. While DC looks set to defend the heavyweight crown that he took from Stipe Miocic against Brock Lesnar, do not be surprised if Jones fights the winner of that contest.

Direct Message

Jones tweeted a direct message to fans that revealed his intentions for the near future. While he didn’t mention Cormier’s name in any shape or form, he showed that he plans on stepping into a cage again. He wrote:

“Just keep in mind that life is a journey and not a race. If it’s in Gods will for me to still be here and healthy, please believe that they’ll be many more fights to come. Let’s not forget I’m still the youngest guy in the top 5 at HW & LHW.”

Great. Except for one thing: Jones has never fought at heavyweight in his entire 24 fight career. That’s a fact. We all know what this means so, and if you’re Curtis Blaydes you’re not going to like it.

Shedding Demons

Cormier has one priority on his mind and that is beating Brock Lesnar. Rightfully or wrongfully (I’ll leave that up to you) the former heavyweight champion, who got banned for juicing after his most recent comeback against Mark Hunt, is set to be handed a title shot off the bat. DC told the UFC 226 press conference:

“I think that with this, I don’t need him. This, for everyone that said you’re a fake champion, you’re not a real champion. You can’t question this one. You may question that light heavyweight title, you can question it to the grave, but I have something completely separate from him. And I’m very grateful for it because everything was tied to that guy no matter how much I beat everybody up. It was always, ‘Well you lost to Jones.'”


Well, we all know what the UFC wants and what Jones wants. What remains is to wait and see how USADA deal with Jones’s situation. He could be hit with a four-year ban, but what’s more likely – because of who he is and the implications for the sport – is that he’ll get one to two years, backtracked to when he was initially suspended.

A fight for Jones against either Lesnar or Cormier would suit the UFC absolutely fine. The DC trilogy fight would be epic and brutal, especially with the juicing narrative that would be sure to come up. However, a fight against Lesnar would also sell massive numbers – possibly more. The UFC wants Jones to be their heavyweight champion. Without a doubt.

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