Looks as though Nate Diaz has heard enough of the UFC’s fight offers for now. The popular lightweight is making his way over to another sport for the time being…

After UFC 196 way back in March 2016, Nate Diaz landed himself in a strange position with the UFC. In itself, this was a weird outcome, as Diaz’s rousing submission win against Conor McGregor was undoubtedly the biggest of his career.

Unlike pro wrestling, MMA is not scripted, but there’s no doubt the sport has ‘baby face’ fighters. Naturally popular and well-selling stars like McGregor aren’t meant to lose against guys like Diaz on 11 days notice.

That’s part of what made that night in Vegas so damn awesome. For the UFC, though, it was a bag of trouble. Suddenly Diaz was worth ten-fold of his net value prior to UFC 196, and he used that leverage to earn a monster payday in the inevitable rematch.

March 5, 2016; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Nate Diaz (top) against Conor McGregor during UFC 196 at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Power Struggle

After losing by a narrow margin in the rematch at UFC 202, Diaz and the UFC jostled for position. It was a simple yet long-lasting battle, as Diaz asked for more money, and the UFC tried to buy him off with title shots at the same wage, with no foreseeable trilogy fight with McGregor.

At one point, UFC president Dana White openly admitted McGregor was ‘too special’ to put through another war with Diaz. Number one bullsh!t if we’ve ever heard it. Then came Diaz’s welterweight title fight offer.

For Diaz, putting a belt on the line holds no bearing on the paycheck, which was clearly not up to snuff, and so the standoff continued.

Until today…

Boxing, It Would Seem, is Next For Diaz

Taking to Twitter, Diaz announced he was done with the UFC, for now. Whether or not he’s been officially released from his contract is unknown at this stage. What is for sure, unless you’re named McGregor, is fighting elsewhere while under contract is not a possibility.

Diaz had previously spoken about taking to the boxing ring while ‘The Notorious’ was booked to ‘fight’ Floyd Mayweather:

Nate Diaz celebrates his UFC 196 victory over Conor McGregor as his team mates climb the octagon fence…

Remembering these words came some 6 months ago, and now he’s clearly not made any headway with his UFC negotiations, Diaz could well be hunting a pro boxing match:

“I was in negotiation issues with the UFC, so I was talking to boxing promotions. I talked to the UFC about it but they weren’t having it at all. It’s the same thing, they are going gun-ho with him, but not promoting me.”

Previously, Adrien Broner had challenged Diaz to a boxing match. Although he was primarily known for his Jiu Jitsu during his early career days in MMA, Nate Diaz’s boxing is among the slickest and sharpest in the current roster.

A roster that after today’s announcement., may not include Diaz anymore.

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