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Rumors Are Stirring after WWE Superstar Brock Lesner Was Spotted With Dana White in Orlando…

Brock Lesner is the name on MMA fans’ lips right now. The WWE star was spotted with UFC President Dana White at UFC on Fox 28 last Sunday. The event took place in Orlando with ‘Lil’ Heathen’ Jeremy Stephens controversially won by KO against Josh Emmett, despite using an illegal knee and elbows to the back of the head.

It’s exciting times to be a UFC fan again. White announced yesterday that Nick Diaz looks likely to make his comeback soon, but if the Lesner rumors prove to be true then that will be the icing on the cake for the organization.

Lesner was spotted wearing a UFC branded t-shirt, signaling his interest in making a return to the world’s biggest MMA promotion. He’s not appeared in the octagon since his last fight against Mark Hunt. However, after defeating the Australian he tested positive for steroid use, much to Hunt’s anger at the time.

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Star Power

The UFC needs more characters like Lesner in the sport. They lack star power at the moment. Conor McGregor is expected to make his return soon, but with $100 million in the bank, he can’t be relied on. Meanwhile, former trailblazer Ronda Rousey is now breathing new life and interest in the WWE.

Lesner was UFC heavyweight champion for two years, from 2008 until 2010. With his iconic chest tattoo, he became one of their first breakout stars. He beat the likes of Frank Mir and Randy Couture but lost to Alistair Overeem and Cain Velazquez after a stomach illness affected his performances in the octagon.

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Who to Fight?

The giant American has been linked to fights against Jon Jones in the past, but neither man has been able to keep clean long enough for that to happen. Speaking of which, there is a potential barrier in that Lesner still has six months to serve of his USADA ban. When he left the testing pool, the ban was put on hold. Unfortunately for the UFC, there are no shortcuts.

The winner of Stipe Miocic Vs Daniel Cormier would clearly be an option. While many would question if Lesner deserved a title shot straight after coming back from being banned for steroid use, there’s little doubt the UFC at least want him in the picture. Failing that, a fight against Francis Ngannou could be on the cards. ‘The Predator’ has openly spoken of his desire to fight Lesner in the past.

Smiling Faces

Dana White teased fans on Twitter by uploading a picture of himself with Lesner. The WWE star, in his UFC branded t-shirt, looks in great shape. White is a man who wears his emotions on his face and there’s no doubt that he is delighted to have Lesner standing beside him. So much so that he posted a smiling emoji as his caption.

What is undeniable is that he is the sort of the big name that the UFC really needs right now. The organization badly needs an injection of stardust, especially with their TV deal with Fox coming up for review. If they want to gain new fans they have to keep their momentum going.

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