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Going from a poor man living in a tiny flat in Dublin, Ireland, to the world’s biggest MMA star, Conor McGregor has not made the huge transition without scoring a few enemies along the way.

During his run in the UFC, McGregor has beaten the likes of Jose Aldo, Eddie Alvarez and Chad Mendes while winning titles at lightweight and featherweight. His most fierce rival, though, comes in the form of Nate Diaz.

To this date, Diaz is the only man to beat McGregor in the UFC, and their rivalry did not stop there.

McGregor bloodied Diaz in their first bout at UFC 196, but was eventually submitted in a crazy finish…Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Diaz Supports McGregor…Wait, What?

After winning the narrow rematch at UFC 202, McGregor went to lightweight and now boxing Floyd Mayweather. Since mid-2016 Diaz has been chasing a third fight, accusing ‘The Notorious’ of running from him.

During a recent interview quoted by, Nate Diaz supported McGregor against Mayweather and Paulie Malignaggi:

“And now all the boxers are criticising Conor like ‘Conor will get embarrassed’, but that’s a real arrogant thing to say,” Diaz said in n interview uploaded to YouTube. “Wanna know something that’s even more embarrassing, is if Floyd fought Conor in a MMA match. Would be more embarrassing than when Conor fights Floyd in a boxing match. [Floyd] would get mounted and laughed at, and slapped around [and Conor] would smile at the crowd and wave.”

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Nate Diaz was able to land clean on Conor McGregor in both their fights at UFC 196 and UFC 202…

“Paulie Was Talking Sh*t”

“Conor should beat that guy’s ass,” Diaz said on Malignaggi. “That guy was on the internet talking shit on him the other day. I’m like, What kind of sparring partners you got? I’d shove that guy in the gym and beat his ass if I was Conor, like: ‘what you’re going to put me on blast about what? You don’t know shit. What gave you the right to talk shit, criticise if we’re working together when I could beat your ass for real?’. Don’t even speak. That’s my thoughts.

“If I was [Conor] I would go down that gym and beat his ass. I’d box him in the ring, whoop his ass, and then throw him down at the end.”

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Nate Diaz’s take on the Mayweather/McGregor/Malignaggi saga is very surprising indeed…

“One Dimensional Boxing Clowns”

“Boxers are clowns sometimes now,” Diaz said. “I’m never taking the MMA fighters over the boxer’s side when it comes to punching and shit, but I’m like don’t be talking shit. [They say MMA fighter’s] ‘would get embarrassed, it’s ridiculous’ yeah, but we’re talking real fighting now you one-dimensional boxing fucks. This is real life shit, you’ll get embarrassed.”

There’s no doubt that a trilogy bout with Nate Diaz remains the likely biggest draw the UFC has for McGregor upon his potential return. With the lightweight division in complete shambles, perhaps the a bout with the fringe ranked and inactive Diaz would simply complicate things more, who knows.

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