Shocking accusations has been made against Conor McGregor…

Nate Diaz’s boxing coach, Richard Perez, spoke to the media recently and the topic of Conor McGregor came up. The accusations Perez put forward about Conor were shocking to say the least.

In fact, during the course of the interview, Perez accused Conor of using both a substance to recover stamina in between rounds, and also PEDs to bulk up for his 2nd fight with Nate.

Perez Hurls Accusations Against Conor McGregor

Perez’s comments about McGregor were thrown into the conversation as almost an after thought. He was asked by radio if Conor had a puncher’s chance against Floyd, and this was how he answered:

No, he doesn’t have a punchers chance, and he gasses out. I don’t care how hard he trains. They’ve got to watch out for him, because he’s probably going to take the substance that he did when he [fought] with Nathan, that woke him up. I know they’re taking tests, but they’ve got to be careful with that because he will do it. There’s no way he’s going to do this without taking any substances, and be strong in boxing, because boxing is a lot of stamina.”

It is possible Perez was referring to a substance Conor’s cornermen may have used between rounds to wake Conor back up. Smelling salts are often used by athletes in other sports for such a purpose, and Fedor is believed to have used them in MMA before.

Smelling salts are banned by most commissions in boxing, as they can also help a fighter recover from being rocked.

“It was awhile after the fight, that they did find him taking some substance. But they didn’t do anything to him. It was after the fight, probably a couple months after the fight, they brought it up about him. The last fight, it was the last fight that Nathan fought him.”

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone Is On Steroids (Including Conor)

Perez believes that Conor’s jump up to 170lbs went a little too smoothly to have been done unaided. Here is what he had to say about it:

“When you think about it, a guy at 145 moving up to 170 the first time, he bulked up in muscle, that’s not going to happen. You’re going to have some fat in you cause you’re short. You’re not going to be all muscle like that. I even said, when Nathan first fought him, when they called him, I said, ‘look, he’s got to be on some kind of steroids or substance.’”

“And when Nathan asked, he got really upset about it. If it had been me, I would have been laughing about it. I would have been like ‘yeah steroids, yeah, yeah,’ but he was really mad, he was angry. So that speaks for itself right there. Mayweather and them really need to have that guy checked.”

“It’s not steroids, it’s something that bulks you up, I forget what it’s called. It’s illegal, still you can’t use it in the UFC, even in boxing you can’t use it. So I guess now that’s why they’re both being tested every week. I’m not sure how true that is.”

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