Conor McGregor took the fast track to superstardom, not just by his inherent martial arts skill, but by masterfully running his mouth. Indeed, the Irishman is an expert at self-promotion, drumming up interest in his own bouts with quick and often times controversial one-liners.

Today, McGregor is undoubtedly the UFC’s biggest star, and a case could be made that he just might be the biggest UFC star in history. And it’s all due to his unparalleled ability to rail off headline-worthy quotes at any given moment.


Talking The Talk

Yet there is a fine line drawn between well-placed verbal barbs, and tasteless, off-putting comments.

McGregor has often teetered back and forth between the two sides, maybe not even realizing it himself. He obviously has no care for censorship and just runs his mouth without caution.

There are however instances when McGregor went overboard, believe it or not.

Here are Five Times Conor McGregor Took His Trash Talk Too Far:


#1 McGregor Tells Reporter to ‘Shut the f*ck up’ for Asking A ‘Stupid Question’

McGregor is known for laying into his opponents verbally before, after and even during fights, but what sometimes goes overlooked is his ability to trash talk media and his critics.

Case in point, one Irish media member is pursuing McGregor as he makes his way to his car, asking him about a certain racial slur. McGregor quickly put him in his place.

“Mate, shut the f*ck up,” said McGregor. “Remember that Jesus sh*t you brought up? It’s such a stupid question.”

McGregor is never shy about speaking his mind, and if he feels you’ve asked a stupid question, he won’t care who you are and let you know up front — like this reporter.

“You’re an idiot,” McGregor dusted him off afterwards.

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