Wow, is anybody else thinking that Nate Diaz is actually inside Conor McGregor’s head? Things got interesting when Diaz turned the tables on ‘The Notorious’…

It was only days ago that we found out Rafael dos Anjos could no longer compete at UFC 196. The UFC lightweight champion had suffered a broken foot in training for his title clash with Conor McGregor, and all of a sudden the March 5 pay-per-view card was under threat of falling apart.

That was until infamous slugger Nate Diaz stepped in to save the day. The lightweight/welterweight bad boy from Stockton, California slotted in perfectly as he’d already called out McGregor following his latest win.


So with just 10 days remaining until UFC 196, it was time to get the hype train rolling for Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz at 170 pounds. The UFC put on an impromptu press conference, and things got very heated immediately.

Check out the moment Nate Diaz accused Conor McGregor of taking steroids:

YouTube video

Wow, this fight is quite possibly the most excited I’ve personally been for a long time. The rivalry could prove to be one of the greatest ever for a short term replacement opponent, and the staredown for the event were intense!

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