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Touch butt in the park? Conor McGregor is back in the gym training for his long-awaited UFC comeback. His latest comments on social media have been a little bit stranger than usual, though…

Amid the current crop of UFC stars, Conor McGregor truly is one of a kind. His style of trash talk is like very few ever before him, but that’s not all that separates ‘The Notorious’ from his competition.

His quick tongue certainly was the main factor in scoring a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, which in itself was historic and shambolic at once. McGregor displayed another one of his unique traits in the lead up to August 26, one we are used to seeing; his training.

Using a movement coach named Ido Portal, McGregor became infamous for ‘playing touch butt in the park,’ as Nate Diaz so eloquently put it. During the open media workout for the Mayweather bout, McGregor’s punching style had boxing fans in stitches.

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Funny Stuff

The warm-up was mocked and ripped globally, becoming one of McGregor’s most viral moments. When it came to fight day, it was clear the Irishman’s flappy arm warm-up hadn’t worked properly.

Now that he’s in talks to return to the UFC octagon, everybody is keeping a close eye on McGregor. Perhaps he is indeed trolling us all with his latest social media posts, with his latest appearing to be a homage to the wavy arm man…again:

“Weak Points”

It would be great to see McGregor fight again and expose some of these weak points he is talking about. Although there has been much talk about it, there is no clear timeline set for ‘The Notorious” next fight.

John Kavanagh recently said he will aim for MMA rather than boxing, but McGregor is still jabbing out at Mayweather on social media:

McGregor is indeed the most elusive star the UFC has ever harnessed, but he is now out of their control. UFC color commentator Joe Rogan feels McGregor will be getting stripped for inactivity soon:

“Here’s my prediction: My prediction (is) Conor doesn’t fight for a while. They strip Conor,” Rogan told guest Tyron Woodley on Thursday’s edition of the “JRE MMA Show” podcast. “Tony and Khabib fight for the world title.”

Editors note, does this count as a title defense?^^

“I think they’re going to strip him, because Conor’s got $100 million in the bank, and he’s having fun and talking (expletive), and he’s going to keep training,” Rogan said.

“And he’s going to make a big fight in the future, but I think Khabib and Tony is the big fight and (expletive), they might even do that one in Russia. They’re talking about doing a big fight in Russia.”

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