The early days of the UFC used to pit fighting style against fighting style to see which martial art was truly dominant. The early tournaments were dominated by Royce Gracie and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Since those first few tournaments fighters quickly realized that they needed to be familiar with multiple fighting styles in order to be competitive. While discipline vs discipline fights rarely occur at high levels in MMA anymore it does appear they now happen in the Olympics..sort of anyway.


Recently a Belgian Judoka was matched up against a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner in Rio, but its not quite what you think. The jiu-jitsu practitioner was a hotel worker, and the judoka was an inebriated Belgian who broke into his place of employment.


Dirk van Tichelt was probably having a great time before everything went down. After all he had just won the bronze medal in the 73kg division in men’s Judo. Like any athlete would do after accomplishing something as significant, he went out with teammates and training partners and downed a bunch of adult beverages until well after most establishments had closed up shop. Unfortunately during their celebrations Van Tichelt noticed a woman stealing his training partner’s phone. The bronze medalist judoka chased after the woman who tried to get into the Best Western Hotel in Rio, which had recently closed and locked their doors.

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