And it is all over…

After 20 years in the UFC commentary booth, it’s time to say goodbye to Mike Goldberg. The partner of Joe Rogan might not be perfect, but dammit this duo works. During the last few weeks speculation has mounted over his future with the promotion.

The new owners WME-IMG clearly want to change things up, and Goldberg is not part of their future plans. Since acquiring the UFC for a staggering $4.2 billion USD, the new company has began liquidising departments.



Joining the world’s largest MMA promotion in 1997, Goldberg made his fair share of bloopers over the years. Although his technical knowledge of the game isn’t exactly top notch, he works as part of the commentary desk very well.

Rumours were that Jim Rome was in line to replace Goldberg, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Luke Thomas of MMA Junkie confirmed earlier today that UFC 207 will be Goldberg’s last gig as commentator:

Goodbye Goldie

Having grown on fans with his hilarious comments and comical errors, Mike Goldberg will be missed. Are the new UFC owners tinkering too much with the UFC? Given the fact it’s already a very successful product, why are they taking away Goldberg?

Earlier this month we learned that Chuck Liddell and Matt Hughes were canned from their executive positions. That said, it was a well known fact they got paid $30K a month for essentially fake jobs.

At least Goldberg showed up to work!


Top Goldberg Quotes

Some of Goldberg’s very best work: (talking about Travis Lutter) ‘He’s the michael Jordan of grappling.’ Rogan ‘No, he’s not.’

‘His precision is very precise.’ Just about every time he mentions Joanna Jedrzejczyk he cocks it up. Thanks for all the fun times Mike Goldberg, we here at Scrap Digest wish you all the best in your future plans.

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  1. Jim Fucking Rome!?! That guy’s an unwatchable douche nozzle attachment. What, you couldn’t get the other douchebag with the hair plug issues? Fuckin’ A.

  2. Boycott the UFC until they make the fights we want. Pay the fighters what they are worth, and keep the announcers that we want to listen to. Just dont buy PPV for a little while and they will cave.

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