UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor is having the time of his life. After winning his second belt in the organization, he is taking time off for ten months to focus on stuff outside the Octagon.

With a baby on the way, the UFC granted his request for practically a paternity leave. Few would argue that McGregor deserves a break after the monumental year in which he conquered two divisions. It appears he is enjoying his vacation as he was seen partying with friends at various bars in Los Angeles.

Aside from that, he is touted to appear in the hit TV show Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, an appearance at WWE’s WrestleMania pay-per-view event is also in the works.


Conor McGregor Seems To Be Enjoying His Well-Deserved Break

Although he is savoring every bit of his time off, multiple dates have been speculated as a potential return date for the brash Irishman. Many thought March would be the month McGregor returns to the Octagon. However, the UFC remains tight-lipped about it.

With McGregor being out of action for the better part of 2017, many fighters are still lining up for a piece of the UFC lightweight titleholder.

Khabib Nurmagomedov strongly campaigned for a fight against McGregor previously, but he was snubbed. So he decided to accept a bout against fellow lightweight contender Tony Ferguson at UFC 209 on March 4.

UFC president Dana White claims McGregor will be off the radar for a lengthy period. But Nurmagomedov’s manager revealed that the Irishman’s future has already been decided as early as now.

In an interview with MMAJunkie Radio, Ali Abdel-Aziz stressed that McGregor eyes a third UFC title. And that he is most likely going to face UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley upon his return.

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But How Long Can He Stay Away From The Octagon?

“McGregor’s next fight is going to be Tyron Woodley for the welterweight title. This is the fight that’s going to happen. Every sign is this is going to happen,” he said.

Meanwhile, Woodley is welcoming the idea of defending his welterweight title against McGregor with open arms. He is even down to fight in McGregor’s hometown of Dublin, Ireland.

“We can do it in Ireland, Dublin. We can do it in the back of White Castle [fast food outlet]. I don’t care,” Woodley stated.

As UFC fans are now facing the prospect of a Conor McGregor-less company until late 2017, many feel White can surprise everyone with an announcement of McGregor’s abrupt return at any moment. That being said, let the waiting game commence.

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