Slipping banned substances into a USADA athletes drink might not be that difficult…

As we count down to Jon Jones having the UFC Light Heavyweight title once again stripped from him, the MMA community still has more questions than answers surrounding his latest failed drug test. Why would Jones risk a 4-year suspension for a slight advantage over a guy he’d already beaten?

Perhaps the situation is as Daniel Cormier described it not long after Jones’ failed drug test from UFC 200. Maybe Jones fought Ovince Saint Preux without the aid of PEDs and didn’t like how he felt. Cormier had these surprisingly relevant-after-the-fact comments regarding if he thought Jones would come into UFC 214 a clean fighter.

“I do believe that we will see a different fighter in Anaheim because I do believe he has to be clean this time. Otherwise, he’ll be caught. And that’s why he got caught last time. I think he fought Ovince Saint Preux clean and didn’t like the way he felt, and tried to do something again dirty, and got caught at UFC 200.”

In hindsight, Cormier got some things right and some things wrong in the above statement.

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Framed For Steroids?

Cormier believed back then that Jones must have felt he had to come into the bout clean or he’d get caught. So it’s possible that Jones simply felt the PEDs he was taking would not be detected by USADA. There are less likely, though somewhat plausible, other possibilities, however, including someone having spiked Jones’ water.

USADA detected turinabol in Jones’ urine sample taken the day of the weigh-ins. Turinabol is an oral steroid, meaning Jones could have been dosed with it and not know. Considering the short half-life of the steroid, this would have to of occurred the day of the weigh-ins.

Further supporting this conspiracy theory is the odd-timing with which the drug was in Jones’ system. The short-acting drug would have been more effective for Jon to use the day of the fight, however, it was in his system beyond 24 hours before the bout was scheduled. This would mean the drug would not help him much during the bout itself. Some have speculated that Jones may have been using the drug to help him cut weight, but risking a 4-year suspension for a weight-cut seems even less likely than taking it for the fight itself.

Further speculation suggests the turinabol was part of a stack, with the rest of what Jones was taking having slipped passed USADA’s detection methods.

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 Joe Rogan Questions If Jon Jones Was Framed

On a recent edition of his podcast, Joe Rogan suggested the idea that Jones may have been framed.

“They’re saying they didn’t do anything. That would be the most (expletive) up thing in the world if somebody slipped some (expletive) into your water just to get you to test positive,” Rogan said.

“You have to watch everything you eat. You have to think people do definitely double cross people, definitely in this world. There is absolutely someone who would put something tainted into your food.”

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Is it possible someone has double-crossed Jon Jones? Unfortunately, we will probably never know for sure.

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