Watch Gennady Golovkin’s Crushing Knockout Of Dominic Wade

By Salvador Sanchez
Watch Gennady Golovkin’s Crushing Knockout Of Dominic Wade

GGG got to work and DESTROYED Dominic Wade watch the video…

Kazakhstani middleweight wrecking machine Gennady Golovkin continues his reign of terror. The current IBO, WBA (super), IBF and WBC (interim) middleweight champion has been making mincemeat of the contenders in his weight class, but many feel his level of competition is beginning to go the wrong direction.

In Dominic Wade last night (April 23, 2016) ‘GGG’ faced an undefeated prospect, but one who’d defeated 18 unknown fighters on his way to the bout. Facing the most dangerous middleweight today, Wade was truly out of his depth.

This isn’t to say that it’s Golovkin’s fault by any means, as the best fighters pretty much avoid fighting him at all costs. That said, with 35 wins and 32 T/KO’s, it’s time for GGG to face the best fighters in the middleweight category. Wade was not one of those fighters.

Th fight got started and from bell to KO was exactly how many had predicted it would be. Golovkin bullied Wade, with no respect for his punching ability or power, and had him mentally broken by the end of the first round.

As round two started it was clear that only luck was keeping Wade standing, and that fortune was soon to run out. The referee looked like he would stop it before the last knockdown, and maybe he should have.

GGG continued to punish Wade with big shots, ad if you look closely you’ll see that one of the knockdowns was scored with a punch to the shoulder.

Check out the Golovkin vs. Wade knockout on the video player below:

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So it’s on to the next fight for Golovkin, but who should be his following victim? Talking of victims in oxing, did anyone watch Roy Jones Jr’s latest ‘fight’?

RJJ took on a mixed martial artist who had never competed in boxing, and it was a brutal spectacle:

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