Someone might be losing their job today…

During her time as Strikeforce and Invicta FC champion, Cris Cyborg caught some real fire from the UFC. Including, but not limited to, Ronda Rousey, Dana White and Joe Rogan, the hurtful barbs were coming in thick and fast.

Even comparing Cyborg to a man in a dress during a live broadcast, White and Rousey were doing everything to discredit the Brazilian.

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I Didn’t Hear The Bell…

It looks as though Cyborg’s struggle against the UFC machine is far from over. During a bizarre Tweet earlier today, the OFFICIAL UFC Espanol account ripped Cyborg for allegedly turning down fights.

One Twitter follower had posted about being excited for Cyborg vs. Germaine De Randamie for the 145-pound title. The bout is rumored for UFC 214, and the UFC Espanol response was truly bizarre. Here’s what was said.

UFC Claims Cyborg Has Been Refusing Fights

UFC account (translated):

This event is not scheduled yet. By the way Cyborg was offered before two championship fights in 145lbs and one in 135, rejected all.

Cyborg’s response:

Ridiculous is this how to help build my brand? Is this your marketing idea? Lie to say I refuse the fights? @seanshelby

The consensus scariest woman in mixed martial arts also posted this to her Instagram:

What’s The Deal Here?

For the official UFC account to be making these kind of statements is just ridiculous. Assuming they are even true, this is still no way to discuss a fighter that makes your company money.

If the statements are false, it’s borderline slander and way over the mark of professionalism. With fighters leaving at an alarming rate for Bellator right now, could Cyborg be getting pushed out by the constant BS?

Hopefully not, and especially not before we get to see her finally fight for a UFC title.

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  1. I’ve been done with the UFC, they should change their name to the CUFC Circus clowns.

  2. I remember Holly holm claiming she would fight cyborg only at 140 or 135 but all of sudden she would fight her for the belt at 145? I think that the strong fact that cyborg cant get fights because of the fear factor and holly and germaine both tried to avoid her after their championship fight, proves cyborg not running from nobody.

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